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My creations are handmade and make wonderful gifts for family, friends, and of course yourself!
* Feather Pens * Flower Pens * Feather Earrings * 
* Feather and Flower Headbands for Children and Adults *
* Feather Clip Hair Extensions * Ponytail and Pigtail Holders *
 * Children's Christmas Cards From Santa Claus *
* Cruelty-Free Feathers *

Each month I donate a portion of my sales to a different charity. Visit my facebook, which is listed on the Contact Info page, to learn which charity I'm supporting for the current month. Thank you to everyone who supports my small online business. Your support has allowed me to pay it forward and support those in need. Feel free to email me with suggestions of charities and causes that I can make donations to.

About Me

I've always been the creative type; I've always loved decorating and making things look pretty. Everytime I walk into a craft store, I feel so inspired that I wanna do it all...and little by little, I will ;) I enjoy writing and so my creations started with my poetry which I use to make Christmas Cards From Santa Claus for children during the holiday season. Planning my wedding really brought my creativity to life and made me realize how much I love weddings and how much I love planning, so I earned my certification in Event Planning and would like to start my own event planning business in the future. I got the idea to make feather pens since they're perfect for event guest books, and now I'm playing with accessories such as headbands, clips, and earrings. My creations in the future may include other event related items such as guest books, card boxes, ring boxes, and photo albums. I'd also like to use my poetry to create items such as frames, plaques, calendars, bookmarks, personalized love letters, message in a bottle, and greeting cards.

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